Time and Financial Commitment

These approximate time guidelines are established to give you a more accurate picture of the commitment that is involved as a Young Life leader. These guidelines were established to give you a realistic picture of Young Life ministry and to set you up to be effective in kids’ lives for Christ.  

This is only a guideline–adaptation to a leader’s schedule is often possible, especially with parents and working professionals.



1) CONTACT WORK  – 1-2 hours per week

At least once a week be at a school activity or a place kids are, and try to meet new kids each time. Adapt the time to your schedule.

2) CLUB & PRE-CLUB – 3 hours a week 

Be at club each week and be faithful in preparation of your personal responsibilities. Invite the kids you know, be with them at Club.

3) CAMPAIGNERS (disciple kids) – 1-2 hours per week

Attend campaigners each week and be faithful in preparation to lead your small group that week.

4) LEADERSHIP – weekly team meetings and 1 night per month for All Area Leadership (2 hours long)

Bring a Bible, notebook, pen, and a teachable heart to all leadership meetings.


—WEEKLY TOTAL  Approx.  5-7 hours per week—



Help promote both Snow Camp (weekend) and Summer Camp (week-long) with individual kids.  

Attend and counsel on both of these. Snow Camp are in November or early December, summer camp is generally in June or July 

Attend leader retreats (Leadership Camp in early-September; Leader Retreat in mid-January)

Financial Commitment

It is a priority of ours to subsidize as much of the cost as we can for leaders for camps and retreats.  Fundraisers are available to help cover cost for the entire year if leaders choose to participate.  Here is an estimate of these trip costs:

FALL LEADERSHIP CAMP             $100

SUMMER & WINTER CAMP         Half the Total Camp Cost*
(*you are responsible for fundraising and/or paying for half the total camp cost of the trip you are leading on, whether Young Life Summer Camp, WyldLife Summer Camp, Houseboat Trip, Backpacking Trip, Snow Camp, etc)