Student Leadership

We are so excited for your desire to apply to our Student Leadership Program!

STEP ONE: Attend Student Leader Info Meeting

STEP TWO: Complete and Sign Student Leader Application

  • Email for a copy of the application or ask for one from your staff leader
  • Make sure your parent has read the same information and signs the application with you​

STEP THREE: Schedule Interview with NSM Staff

  • It is your responsibility to schedule your interview! No leader will make you sign up. This needs to be your desire and initiative.
  • Have your interview scheduled and application in no later than August 16th.
  • Interviews can start anytime after Informational Meeting on July 15th.

To Schedule an interview:

Send an email or text to your staff person at your school or where you would like to be a Student Leader requesting an interview time.

    AAHS, PCHS, RHS – Brian Ford (, 719-660-7946)

    DCCHS, TCAHS – Dani Snider (, 630-674-0712)

    LPHS, PRHS – Taylor Holmes (, 847-722-0808)

    WYLDLIFE – Jackie Brunk (, 325-232-2681)

    CAPERNAUM – Kaitlin Wallace (, 423-290-7209)

  1. Propose three different dates/times that would be open for you.
  2. We will finalize a time with you that works.
  3. Be sure to show up for your interview and be on time with the following documents filled out and signed:
  • Student Leader Application
  • Student Leader Responsibilities Breakdown
  • Student Leader Covenant
  • ​Student Leader Contract​

Email for a copy of these forms or ask your staff leader!

STOP! Before continuing on to the steps below, you must wait until you are officially accepted into the student leadership program. Once your staff or team leader has notified you of acceptance, you may move on to STEP 4.


STEP FOUR: Fill out Area Leadership Google Form

Complete the form HERE


    • After submitting Area Leadership Google Form, you will receive an email in a couple days from Young Life regarding a background check and driver questionnaire.  These must be completed before you can jump in with kids.
    • Boot Camp – Watch Volunteer Training 101 Videos and Read Training Manual
      • Week 1: You will receive an email invitation to Right Now Media  (YL Access) that consists of a 4 part video training.  This course is NOT meant to be finished in one sitting.  Take your time to complete each part and reflect on the questions.  After completing a page, click “Save and Return Home.”  You can always return to this course and resume where you left off by clicking “INBOX” under “My Profile” in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
      • Week 2: Download the Training Manual or Save it to your home screen. Again take your time, this training course is not a race.  It is set up in 4 sections so should only take you 8 days to complete if you read a section every 2 days.