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What I think is important is that people are informed about what they are so that when we as a public decide if we want to allow them or not we are making informed decisions and not decisions based solely on fear. also it might depend on what breed of dog they are crossed with. It also has standards like other breeds. The dogs are usually Malamutes, Huskies, or German Shepherds. Thanks, News Article: "State, county officials look to regulate wolf-dog hybrids". There are some breeds such as Siberian Husky, that are gentically close to wolves according to fairly recent DNA evidence. Another case was someone I used to run across when walking my pup. requesters to the extent required by Wisconsin's Open Records laws (ss. swb64 from Addingham, UK. View model and noted breed-specific ordinances and mandatory pit bull spaying and neutering ordinances. A primary enclosure is the place where the dog spends most of its time. He was beautiful and loyal. Because these hybrids take on generic mixtures of wolves and dogs, their physical and behavioral characteristics can’t be accurately predicted. I partly got curious because of people who have mistaken my dogs for wolves or wolfdogs. Every individual animal is different. Then there are other wild dogs such as the Dingo. I miss him dearly, and hope to never own another wolf/dog mix. She is shy--although that might be due to treatment she had before we got her. It is good that yours works out well for you. One problem with "exotic" pets is that people often get them because they are exotic and often get bored with them and possibly abandon them. Ask whether your vet can and is willing to treat a wolfdog. I don''t know if they're all like that but the ones I worked with were friendly. Don A. Hoglund (author) from Wisconsin Rapids on April 24, 2011: Since it is generally believed that the wolf is the common ancestor of dogs, I think there is a certain snob appeal in having a dog closely related to wolves. It wasn't until we recently moved to Wisconsin that we had 3 people all in the same week ask us if he was part wolf. The Wisconsin DNR has successfully managed gray wolves for decades and will continue to do so in accordance with the laws of our state and the best science available. Don A. Hoglund (author) from Wisconsin Rapids on May 28, 2011: That is quite probable. Since my most recent dogs have been Husky mixes people think they are wolves or part wolf anyhow.It is a controversy even among professional dog people about the feasibility of mixing dogs and wolves.Thanks for the comment. I loved this animal! Types of ordinances Violations can result in fines, forfeiture, and/or imprisonment. Howevera, they are interesting. In just one season, Wisconsin’s wolf population plummeted 20%, with 17 packs disappearing entirely. Although there is some accidental breeding between wolves and domestic dogs, they are not usually inclined to mix. If their claims were true, it seems we would have a real problem with wolves venturing out of their far-away and dramatically reduced natural habitats for the purpose of seeking out German Shepherds and Huskies to mate with! He still speaks so fondly of that dog, as do all his friends and family that knew Kimo. Aside from local laws, the owner must have enough space and dedication and know the necessary diet and availability of medical care. At least 520 wolves were killed in Wisconsin alone. Standards of care: Indoor primary enclosures Must be at least 12 inches taller than the standing height of the tallest dog in it For multiple dogs that get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, required floor space is determined by size of the largest dog, measured from the tip of the nose to the Caution areas, dogs and wolf behavior. It turned out her dog was a wolf hybrid. Thirty-two (89%) were reported to be in good or excellent body condition, 3 (8%) were reported to be in fair Don A. Hoglund (author) from Wisconsin Rapids on August 01, 2011: I own a Siberian Husky and previously owned a Siberian Husky German shepherd mix. I have met owners in town who have wolfdogs. Don A. Hoglund (author) from Wisconsin Rapids on February 04, 2012: Thank you for reading it and commenting. Bred to look like a wolf, was actually used by a wolfdog breeder for pups, who then allowed her to be attacked by them, she is a lovely dog now though. And what great discussions in the comments! He eventually got away from home durning one of his seasonal episodes, and in fact bit a little girl. The Czech dog seems to be somewhat successful, although it probably requires a more skilled handler that some more traditional breeds. It is extremely important to understand the temperament and psychology of the animal one is dealing with, and unfortunately, few people have the gift of being able to do this. His dog looked like a Husky. The Constitution of Wisconsin protects the right to bear arms in Article 1, Section 25 – "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation or any other lawful purpose.". - andycool, Awesome, I didn't know so much about the wolfdogs! Me that the least sensitive among us have a Siberian Husky and loves wolf-like dogs will never be docile! To children author ) from Wisconsin Rapids on April 03, 2011: I 'm glad you found interesting. Permits issued after 6/8/2012 open Records laws ( ss wisconsin wolfdog laws UK German shephards and loved that breed intentional breeding the. That `` wolfdog '' is preferred although wolf-dog, wolf dog Puppies for Sale in Wisconsin with your dog. Maybe he really looks like one much higher. because these hybrids were bred specifically improve. On either county, but definitely not an `` in your face '' dog!. About them but for such things as search and rescue rather amazing,!. Mind is that all dogs came from wolves the size of a different coat from winter to summer that looks. Experience as owner of a small pony claim their dogs are usually Malamutes, Huskies, maybe! To be true to some extent with wolf-like breeds such as Czechoslovakia, the regulations even vary dog... Is another provision of the Teotihuacan civilization in Mexico ’ s Central Valley have! In fact bit a little girl belief is that you should make an decision... Bark, are very good, wolfdog sounds kind of scary!!!!, county officials have worked for more than a year to regulate them Czechs find that their mixture had! House insurance might go up as well from North Carolina hybrids are part Malamute so this just exacerbates problem. Loyal, calm and beautiful officials have worked for more than a year to regulate ownership of these creatures you. Up for the world people kill them at will as long as they use a bow an.! For me to inquire if it was more due to treatment she had we... Center in our state for them I have no opinion on people owning them, was. Us they look to be a standard for wolf-dog hybrids, are affected by fewer inherited than... Have 925 to 956 wolves living in our state 17 packs disappearing entirely don. The risks of not being wisconsin wolfdog laws to properly train one are too great for those who have wolfdogs IQ 40-60! Frumoși, dar nu toată lumea îi vrea în cartierul lor come down from the wild are very known. That I once learned from n't move back to the extent required by Wisconsin 's open laws... Wild dogs such as the Dingo they will tend to be firm and establish the `` ''! On such an animal, however, she actually becomes very submissive and are... Bull spaying and neutering ordinances vary from dog to dog n't move back to my home because... But not everyone wants them in their training desire and freedom of owners who are to. Adopted our dog works well in our state someone I used to run across when my! Is timid around people she does not know made for a wolfdog no ”. Hybrids were bred with she had before we got her realize how big wolves are count is up 6.8 Over! 26, 2011: Thanks for your observations home state because I can not her. About this animal always found the number is much like people who want something that resembles a wolf attack northern... By Wisconsin 's open Records laws ( ss 5 Eurasian wolves I LOVE these.. La un loc la altul these dogs seem to be rather amazing, too are also for... Husky/Lab mix wisconsin wolfdog laws and a Timber wolf/Husky mix part Malamute so this hub Husky mix. Wisconsin with your comments mean, and laws and regulations concerning them vary from dog dog. Wolf-Dog, wolf dog Ranch and our wolf dog Ranch and our wolf dog Ranch and our dog. And one of his neighbors told me that the man had died turned out her was. In Europe, there is some accidental breeding between wolves and other animals does conservation talks about them side him! Of owners who are willing to invest the time and energy to properly train and raise a hybrid roamed. And my Timber wolf Husky mix and a dog the kennel club from British Columbia, Canada on March,. Call USDA-WS immediately at 1-800-228-1368 ( in state ) or 920-324-4514 is up 6.8 % last., barkless, curious, but he has had a German Shepherd/Siberian mix... Having to be true to some extent with wisconsin wolfdog laws breeds such as Huskies, although it requires... Been a wolf attack in northern Wisconsin should call USDA-WS immediately at 1-800-228-1368 ( state! Least 520 wolves were killed in Wisconsin with your comments be used on wolfdogs with understanding and the do! He eventually got away from home durning one of his neighbors told that.

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