Join Us!

We are so excited you are interested in being a Young Life leader here in the North Springs | Monument area. It is an amazing calling and privilege to walk with kids, be a light in their life, and one day earn the right to introduce them to Jesus. The first steps we ask you to take as you pursue this calling are important, as they not only tell us more about you, but also give you a clear idea of what is expected of a leader, and initiate your training process so you feel equipped and prepared to jump in with our leadership team.

FIRST STEP:  Contact one of our staff to meet for coffee!

AREA DIRECTOR: Brian Ford (, 719-660-7946)

ASSOCIATE AREA DIRECTOR: Taylor Holmes (, 847-722-0808)

DCCHS, TCAHS: Dani Snider (, 630-674-0712)

WYLDLIFE: Jackie Brunk (, 325-232-2681)


IF AFTER MEETING WITH OUR STAFF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED IN BECOMING A VOLUNTEER LEADER, PLEASE PROCEED TO NEXT STEPS:  We understand that the following can look daunting, but it is not so bad.  It goes rather quickly.  The reason for these steps is first and foremost that we are protecting kids, giving them our best, and helping new leaders feel comfortable and knowledgeable so we aren’t throwing you into the deep end.

Part 1: Application

(*Click on bolded links below for documents)

1) Complete our Volunteer Leader Application so that you have a great understanding of Young Life and we have a good understanding of you. This is required of everyone who wants to be a leader.

* Email your completed application to one of our staff once completed

Part 2: Commit to Leadership

Let your area staff know you have completed all requested paperwork and that you’re now ready to officially join our leadership team! We will schedule a time to review the completed paperwork and continue the onboarding process.


Part 3: Welcome to the Dream Team!

1) Complete our NSM Leader Survey

2) After submitting NSM Leader Survey you will receive an email in a couple of days from Young Life regarding a background check and driver questionnaire.  These must be completed before you can jump in with kids. 

Part 4: Boot Camp – Watch Volunteer Training 101 Videos and Read Training Manual 
1) Week 1: You will receive an email invitation to Right Now Media  (YL Access) that consists of a 4 part video training.  This course is NOT meant to be finished in one sitting.  Take your time to complete each part and reflect on the questions.  After completing a page, click “Save and Return Home.”  You can always return to this course and resume where you left off by clicking “INBOX” under “My Profile” in the top right-hand corner of the screen.                                                        
2) Week 2: Download the Training Manual or Save it to your home screen. Again take your time, this training course is not a race.  It is set up in 4 sections so should only take you 8 days to complete if you read a section every 2 days.                                                                                                      
Part 5: Attend Fall Leadership Camp
September 11th-13th Location: TBD                                                                                    
Part 6: Once you have completed all of the above, you are ready to jump in with kids!