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Tell People What You Sell 5. Here is an example of a feedback survey by Outgrow that it uses for feedback from its customers. Fact or fiction: How much do you know about the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)? Therefore, it is important to provide your customers with the most satisfaction. 3. An, Interactive Content Whitepaper For All Industries, Interactive Content Marketing for Digital Agencies, Do’s and Dont’s of Interactive Experiences, Interactive Content for Email List Growth, Interactive Content Marketing For Agencies, How Interactive Content Can Boost User Engagement, How Interactive Content Can Boost Your Social Media Ads, 63% of online users talk to a chatbot without being aware of it, 20 Best Lead Generation Tools You Need to Try Out in 2021, How to Create Content Engagement Strategy With the Right Metrics, 10 Best Website Chatbot Examples of 2021 [Real-Life Examples]. Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers. 1. The links to more articles about COVID-19 makes this quiz an example of how to boost the distribution of extremely important content. This kind of interactive content is extremely attractive and engages the user. to see what is working in your industry. Interactive content is inherently engaging in nature and tends to go viral on social media channels. The site itself leans on quizzes. Leverage Content Boards. It happens. Interactive infographics and whitepapers and about giving out valuable data. ThredUp’s Fashion Footprint Calculator was posted online in Jan 15, 2020. In the Content Analyzer, search for terms with this query: “Quiz OR Calculator OR Interactive OR Heatmap OR Slider”. 18 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns. This quiz appeals to people’s affiliations with their interest groups. It mentions the map in the title, summarizes the contents of it, links to the map, and includes screenshots. It only came online in March 2020 and, at the time of writing, already has 176.1K engagements. Let's take a look at 5 examples and how they work. Animation: Visualizing the ICO Explosion in One Timeline – Visual Capitalist, 4. Videos: Generally speaking, videos make one of the key elements of content strategies. With the help of Quiz/polls purchase intent of customer, pitfalls of … It builds a conversation between you and your audience. We can easily conduct quiz/polls using simple software tools such as Google Forms, Classmarker, and Quiz Marker etc. And the best way to use interactive content in this kind of marketing is through, This increases your reach and widens your audience. And interactive content is a great way of finding such affiliates. Quiz Examples 1. Make sure your prize is brand related, and remember that simple is okay. The author provided variable is the new tax rate by income level. Chatbots too help users navigate to different sections of the site which increases the number of pages visited. If you want to learn more here are twenty ways you can use interactive video. It’s had 48.8k social interactions. Interactive content performs well when it comes to creating partners and affiliates. Quizzes have long been a favourite engagement tool, particularly on Facebook. If you want to go straight to the applications, they are at the end of the post, with instructions for how to find interactive content in your own industry using BuzzSumo. Coupons are the best kind of interactive content that helps in referral marketing. It helps them give feedback about your product/service and voice their opinions on their experience. Use interactive content to help distribute research or other posts. Brainstorming New Interactive Content Ideas 1. Mostly about the kinds of experiences they should make depending upon their industry. If you know about a great interactive, and you can help your audience find it, you can get great results! In many cases, you will need to use JavaScript, or a plugin or widget to create the visualization. He enjoys performing SEO analysis while creating content strategies that connect brands with their target audience. And the best way to use interactive content in this kind of marketing is through giveaways and coupons. Trend forecasters and content marketing experts note that exhibitionist content (vlogs, static Instagram posts) are on a downswing, while interactive content marketing is taking over. But it has its own benefits! Buzzfeed Tasty used Eko to create attractive, engaging videos about food recipes. Takeaway: It’s never too late to provide information in an easier to use, more accessible way. But no matter what kind it is, interactive content has helped us out. If Buzzfeed owns the quiz space, then owns the illustration of investment data. It leverages a curiosity gap of the user and a promise of a sense of greater self-understanding. This “Giant” piece from includes an entire package of information, including a timeline, spreadsheet, explanation, and image. Appeal to emotion. With more entertainment streaming services becoming available, this calculator allows users to calculate what they are actually spending on streaming services. Relationship marketing is all about engaging with your customers. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that people are bored at home, and interactive online experiences are mentally stimulating. Here’s another example of Walmart using interactive content to improve their social media presence. – Good Horse, Brandwatch has a great list of data visualization tools, 1. This post is written by Etee Dubey, a full-time content marketer at Outgrow and part-time dreamer. The takeaway for marketers? Can You? And this quality content comes in various forms. One of the most important aspects of SEO is dwell time. Interactive Map Shows All The Eateries From Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives – 12 Tomatoes, 4. If you’re looking for more interactive content ideas to gain more subscribers, here are three to consider. Host an #AMA (Ask Me Anything) 8. The key to these posts’ success seems to align with best practices for curation: Make sure you add something of value as you call your audience’s attention to other content. Once you have determined the result of the calculation, you can think through how to display that information. Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placements from influential people/organizations, in their respective fields. A simple example of interactive marketing is insurance companies that offer free, instant quotes. Giveaways and coupons do great every holiday season. And as for webinars, we at Outgrow are holding a webinar on ‘How Interactive Content Can Boost Your Social Media Ads’. The piece, published on Wired, has 2k engagements. So what works in your industry or sector? 70 Killer Content Ideas To Post On Social Media. To find interactive content for a particular topic, combine the topic with the interactive terms: “Marketing Quiz, OR Marketing Calculator OR Marketing Interactive OR Marketing Heatmap OR Marketing Slider”, Interactive Content: Calculators and Tools, Interactive Content: Timelines, Sliders 360 Video and More, 1. Publishers will often call a quiz the most difficult ever, then make it easy to “pass” or succeed. Such kind of interactive content is cost-saving but very effective. But one thing that you can fit in everywhere is – interactive content for all types of marketing. Most were part of a larger piece of content or standalone pieces that linked to other articles and served as a vehicle to draw attention to the other post. It makes them feel heard and valued. So if you have any other questions, we’re right here for a good talk! See the list of IFL’s most shared interactives. (Make them laugh, make them cry–you ARE competing with Cats). For example, an automobile company can use the quiz, ‘, Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placements from influential people/organizations, in their respective fields. What is content marketing? This increases purchase intent, and in turn, sales revenue. There’s nothing better to hold an audience that a good, interactive video. Step inside a brain surgery with this VR film –, twenty ways you can use interactive video. This keeps the listeners hooked and prevent them from losing interest. You can use various kinds of interactive content for the same. It’s been had 42.4k social interactions. We saw this tribal factor as an engagement driver in Facebook video shares as well. People shared the Business Insider post because they were interested in the interactive and didn’t read deeply enough to realize it wasn’t there. You can always include a quiz or an assessment to ensure that your readers engage with your posts. Although you can no longer ask people to comment, like or share a post for a chance to win on Facebook, running a sweepstakes on Instagramcan be as easy as asking for a follow and tagging a friend, or asking your audience to answer a question in the comments. Interactive content helps attract affiliates through such value-based templates. Here is an example of a, ABM or Account-Based Marketing, on the other hand, is an extremely focused business strategy. Apart from that, contests are another great way of engaging them. This beautiful map combines amazing interactive visualization with storytelling. c… And interactive content is helpful in finding out these high profitability areas. You can also improve your podcasts and webinars using polls in-between them. The author provided variable is the weight certain horses can bear. What to create, how to create, who to target – these are questions we struggle to answer all the time. Streaming Services Calculator – Marketwatch, 4. Practical tools such as calculators have been neglected by many marketers. Let’s have a look at how you can take advantage of interactive content for all types of marketing. This is the essence of content curation. Year-on-year, the average number of engagements has only increased by 0.8%. The holiday season comes with its own set of great holiday marketing. Supplement Your Content With Interactivity. For example, an automobile company can use the quiz, ‘Are You Ready To Buy A Car?’ to be able to segment more qualified and ready leads. Hence, the market is getting saturated. Creating guides, statistics, etc. Buzzfeed also offers the option to subscribe for new quizzes. Content writing is being used as a marketing strategy by more and more businesses.

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