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“They usually want to talk about sexual things. Lastly, Flirtbucks is yet another website that facilitates interested men and women by hooking them up with chat hostesses via a very user-friendly chat console. Yes, it is possible to get paid to be a virtual friend online. Also, even though there are many different types of chats with their own unique revenue streams, the average initial earning of chat representatives is $2 per minute. Haley uses separate social media accounts to lure new clients ensuring they can never track her down in real life. I’d be interested to hear what you think. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, users will instantly start receiving text messages from different mobile operators. That being said, the average payout per message is reported to be around $0.07 per message for a commitment of 2000 messages in a month. A paralysed woman was heartbroken after revealing she felt nothing during sex. However, when I looked at the many profiles, it appeared people would charge anywhere from $50 to $100+ for a virtual friend visit to as much as $250+ for a full day experience. How can I get started? “This just seems like you are taking advantage of a person's loneliness to make a quick easy buck.”. Of course, this rate can be increased if you answer more chats or resolve specialized questions quickly. Getting paid will all be done via PayPal and you’ll receive payment twice a month. “These people are extremely lonely and I couldn't handle the emotional pain I would cause them after taking money from them for extended periods of time.”, And one accused her of hurting people, posting: “It just seems like a job that you know you are going to be hurting someone at sum point. According to their website, FlirtBucks only hires individuals that are great conversationalists, have fun personalities, have excellent typing skills and are comfortable chatting about a wide variety of topics. Other than this, you need to have an Android or iOS mobile phone that is compatible with the 1Q App. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. We met at a party in hosted by our mutual friend . Rent A Friend. Whoever signs up to this platform can register as an expert in any field they feel comfortable in and they will also be allowed to set a rate at which they would like to be compensated to communicate with customers. Note: This site is more geared towards in-person meetups but since you want to get paid to be … For each question (also known as an Askvert) that is answered via text, 1Q App transfers a cash payment of 25 or 50 cents to your PayPal account. Become a Virtual Friend and get paid for your services immediately. “This could be help with emotional issues, personal problems, developing social skills, practice flirting, or just be a plain friend/girlfriend. 3. Chat recruit is a UK and Europe based company that is a flirting site. As it turns out, Rent-a-Friend is strictly a platonic friends site. To get paid via the McMoney App, all you need to do is download the app and update it whenever required. Setting up an account on Premium Chat is absolutely free – which means there are no monthly or upfront costs. Virtual Friend - Text, message, or call someone and be a friendly ear for them. Add Your Payment Details #5. You will get paid for every text message received, about $0.05 each, from what I read, and you can delete the message the second you receive it. I am talking about getting paid to simply be someone’s friend for a few hours and accompany … What sets this website apart is the fact that it has numerous chatting options for users such as online calls, phone calls, chat rooms and text messages. 1. According to the website, rentable friends can earn anywhere from $20 to $50 per hour. How to Get Paid and How Much You’ll Make. 12. In either case, you can post any amount you would like to charge for your time and effort. Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend Online (Earn $50+/hr) by Saeed Darabi - Last Updated November 20, 2020 (This post may contain affiliate links.) Even though their website has no information regarding their compensation packages, as of February 2020, they have been paying out new applicants with $0.10 per minute for text chats and $0.40 per minute for video chats. Do you think you have what it takes to get paid to be a virtual friend? That being said, their website is also quite clear that their services are only for platonic relationships and not for people with ulterior motives. Brad Sturgis is an active duty Naval officer and founder of For video chats, you can charge from $2 to $8.99 per minute. Comparatively, if getting paid to take chat and flirt online is not your thing, check out or Paid Viewpoint. The rate varies per site, but it usually ranges from as low as $10 or as high as $50 per hour. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. You may not want to do that after you read my shocking review! After eliminating over $100,000 in debt in 2 years, he's been obsessed with teaching people innovative ways to manage their money, build income streams, and save for the future. For instance, you need to be fluent in English, have a typing speed of at least 65 WPM, have dual monitors at home. Add Your Description #4. While virtual friends are free to set their own rates, text chats usually earn anywhere from $1 to $5.99 per minute. You make all the rules! This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. However, your services don’t necessarily need to be adult-based since some of the services offered through this platform also include tarot readings, trivia and other forms of entertainment. That being said, most questions on this platform cost anywhere between $15 and $30. A Redditor posted a thread explaining how much she makes to be a “paid internet friend/girlfriend”, and exactly what her clients get. According to current members of JustAnswer, you start out by earning only 20% of what clients  are willing to pay to get their questions answered. In order to get registered on this website, all you need to do is enter simple details such as your basic personal information. In most cases, hobbies, interests, profession, or even age can be the reason why people choose you as a friend, so … Chat Recruit. However, the only prerequisite to start earning money here is to have an Android phone because McMoney App is not compatible with iOS. Paid via PayPal, Haley says she has set up her “own business” and listed her pricing structure: “Daily: (recommended if you just want to chat for a day. If you ever thought you where such a great friend that you should get paid for it, well now you can! We met while rock climbing at in. You can get paid through PayPal or ask to receive a check or cash. The application process is relatively simple and entails filling a few fields on an online form. For instance, if you love traveling, you could find a friend who could be your own personal tour guide. You will communicate and chat with their customers and get paid for your time and skill. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. The basic idea behind this business was to allow people with many followers or clients to earn money by answering questions online. Find your Virtual Friend Today Virtual moderators, social media moderators and social media specialists are hired by LiveWorld at an initial wage of anywhere between $9 and $11. Visit a profile that takes your interest, send a message and meet-up to cuddle. 10 Ways … Rent a Cyber Friend has also not listed how much they pay out to their database of rentable friends. Setting up a gig lets clients find you easily. When he’s not managing his rental property portfolio, you can find him sipping tea with his daughter or chasing the Boogey man out of closets with his son. If you’re interested in joining their database of over 600,000 friends, all you need to do is fill out their online application. I will chat with the person for the whole month they paid for. While virtual friends are free to set their own rates, text chats usually earn anywhere from $1 to $5.99 per minute. My job is to provide my clients with all of the resources I have to offer. Some of these individuals did mention in personal blogs that the platform lets you set your own rate according to the ‘gigs’ you offer. Friends are those looking to get paid to be a friend. She wrote: “Just because you don't have sex that doesn't make you any better. If you want to get paid to be an online friend on Fiverr, you can set up a gig after signing up. Lucky for you my team spent over 27 hours doing research on making money being an online companion. Interested candidates may also maximize their earning potential by enabling location tracing via Android or iOS devices. Again, since The Chat Shop only outsources experts, you will have to fulfill their hiring criteria. Nonetheless, it seemed as if virtual friends could earn a minimum of $5 per hour but maximize their earnings to up to $150 for a month. This is one of the most popular ways to get paid to chat on this list. What’s even better is that you can also set the maximum length of chats so your clients already know how long your services may last. According to Fibler’s website, experts can get paid $0.20 per message, $1.30 per min on phone calls and $2.50 per minute on video calls. Users can also have a glimpse of what kind of friends they can rent before signing up. This process involves listing your expertise/hobbies and uploading profile pictures and payment credentials. A Woman Who Gets Paid To Have Online Relationships Tells Her Story. Sites that you get paid to be a virtual friend. “Although some girls do provide services like this, I do not. This could include conversations on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger etc. “Unlike call girls, I actually care about my clients, and build connected relationships with them.”. Paid Internet girlfriend seems to be a pretty lucrative career or side-hustle choice these days. It’s really up to you as you do get to set your rates, but it is possible to make $150 in one day. You can make anywhere from between $20 and $50 an hour through this site, it is up to you what you charge but be sure to mention this on your profile. Like 3 to 4 days a week, but I will chat with the person for the whole week they paid for this also applies to the hours I’m available) $40 [£28.64]. But her unusual career was met with criticism by most on the forum, who accused her of exploiting lonely people. Again, there were hundreds of ads and no two virtual friends seemed to offer the same package. Once the participants receive this text, they will be required to fill out demographic information that will be used by companies to match target markets with services. “(That way some serial killer can’t hunt me down and kill me. While Text121Chat may sound like just another chatting service that pays people to respond to text messages, this platform is more involved in adult-oriented conversations. Bui also explained that her friend doesn’t mind the in-person interaction because, the way she rationalizes it, she’s essentially she’s getting paid to drink wine. In order to get started with 1Q App, all you need to do is sign-up on their website with your basic credentials and your PayPal account. I added them to the end of the list so let me start with. Even this platform lets you be your own boss, current members of this website mentioned that they earn at an average of $15 to $50 per hour. The main difference between these three packages is the number of ads you are allowed to post per month to attract clients. “I even post on my clients social media walls, if requested, for no extra charge. JustAnswer describes itself as an expert question and answer website. After we were done climbing, we decided to. You will not earn money to meet a friend – it is free. In addition to these requirements, The Chat Shop has a mandatory requirement for all applicants to pass through an extensive and rigorous training program. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link:, Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, One woman is cashing in by being paid to be a virtual girlfriend, She keeps track of all her fake friends and boyfriends in app, She sets out clear rules when she can be reached by phone or text, ​Couple's intimate moment in hotel room is​ ​watched by dozens of onlookers, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Of course, users will also be granted the option to set times based on their availability to block messages during certain parts of the day. Fibler is another application that capitalizes on their users’ expertise and pays them to offer their insights via text messages. How many have you experienced? Unlike McMoney App, 1Q App is a business that generates answers for questions by paying individuals to text responses. You decide who you want to be friends with, how much you charge, and what times you want to work. You decide who you want to be friends with, how much you charge, and what times you want to work. Virtual friends can attract customers on FriendPC by posting ads that share their unique prices for services. Creating an account on Premium.Chat is a much more flexible experience than the other platforms mentioned above. Come waste time with him on Facebook or Twitter. You can as well browse through other listings that are present to get a rough idea of what other freelancers are doing and how you might set up your gig. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. Wait For The Friendship Request; Sites That Let You Get Paid Up To $100/hr To be A Online Friend #1. Companion - Meet someone in real life and book your friendship services with them by accompanying them somewhere. There’s a lot of different ways you can get started being a virtual friend. Other than this, the website will only confirm whether you are over 18 and that your profile is complete enough to start advertising to website visitors. While most people would automatically conclude that such websites are virtual scams, has done everything it can to be very reassuring from the security perspective. McMoney App pays out around $0.05 for every text message received by a user and they can instantly delete the message once they have received their compensation. This website isn’t quite clear about how much their rentable friends can earn. I spotted you from across the room and asked who you were. Since JustAnswer only hires experts, a prerequisite of earning through this platform is to possess a certain level of expertise or qualities. Next, you will have to fill in your interests in your dashboard and choose between 3 subscriber packages – Starter (Free), Basic ($3/ month) and Best Friend ($10/ month). Here are several avenues you can explore to get paid to be an online friend. Like 5-7 days a week. A Redditor posted a thread explaining how much she makes to be a “paid internet friend/girlfriend”, and exactly what her clients get. After completing their rigorous application process, The Chat Shop offers new applicants an initial $10 hourly pay rate. Geomiq, a UK based machining start-up, is currently offering a £100,000 (about $130,000) challenge wherein they are looking for a ‘kind and friendly’ human face that could be used for a new line of human-looking robots. While setting up your account, you will be prompted to choose between a flat rate or a pay per minute option. There is never any cost to you plus you get to keep 100% of the money you make from meeting new friends. We all know that 2020 was the strangest of years, where nothing has gone as we expected at the start of the year. Premium.Chat is another very innovative business model that allows people to earn money via text and live video chats. Of course, people can also use this service to offer virtual friend services to anyone who is a member of this platform. FriendPC is another brilliant platform that allows you to get paid to be a virtual friend for any member. It’s also important to note that some sites have limits on … These representatives are responsible for strengthening relationships and sparking dialogues between their outsourcing managers and their unique digital landscapes. In other words, users will not necessarily be responsible to respond to all text messages. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Chat Recruit is an interactive online platform for people interested in chatting and/or flirting via text messages. Sign Up And Create A Profile #2. Which method are you going to use? RentAFriend #3. These WhatsApp-style messengers display ads (like a lot of other sites), and the companies trying to promote their products pay the app to display them. Working Solutions can pay you from $7 to $30 per hour. According to their website, Chat Recruit has many different payment rates to choose from and all of these are paid via direct deposits and international bank transfers. If you’re interested in signing up to FriendPC, you could either sign up through your email address or just let your Facebook account fill in all your credentials. The 34-year-old was named one of the UK’s most eligible bachelors by Tatler in 2019. There is never any cost to you plus you get to keep 100% of the money you make from meeting new friends. Now, I’d like to hear from you. If you are hired as their chat agent, you will be required to work for around 20 to 30 hours per week from any remote location. Signing up to this platform is no different than the others we have covered already. “Weekly: (recommend if you want to chat on and off. Calling herself Haley, she acknowledged people may think it’s “kinda weird, or nasty”, but claimed it was based on respect and she treated everyone with dignity. Test Your Personality #3. One person wrote: “I couldn't live with myself doing this. Of course, you can always maximize your earning potential by taking on more clients or gaining more positive ratings from clients. This applies to my hours available.) Another said: “You are letting them pretend you guys are friends, when you are still referring to them as clients. And no, I am not talking about escort services or anything like that. created to cater for those in the US who might be in need of a friend Once you have entered your credit/debit card credentials and created an account, you can set your own chat schedules based on your availability. The way you can get paid to chat to friends is to use different apps – ones that pay you as you chat. Once you have worked up to a reputation, you can start scaling your earnings by securing 50% of the cost to answer a question. These wages can be scaled with experience and based on how many outsourcing clients you are working for at any given point in time. Once your profile is approved, your profile will start to appear in search results for ‘friend seekers’. So, whether you’re a broke college student, a stay-at-home mom with some extra time on her hands, or someone looking for a side hustle. Text121Chat has a slightly different payment method as they require applicants to agree upon a quota of messages per month before they can decide on a payment structure. After the paid period ends, however, Friends are free to do as they please, which could potentially make for an uncomfortable transition. How much can I earn as a virtual friend? Thrifty mum reveals how she feeds family for just £20-a-week & that’s ALL meals, How Baywatch curse left cast struggling with alcoholism and drug additions, Smug mum leaves kids at home & jets to Dubai so she can ‘homeschool in paradise’, The ‘shopping by seven’ secret which will help you save HUNDREDS on food, I quit £90k job to live on a boat - I wee in a bucket & rarely shower, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. View our online Press Pack. That’s why in this article, I’m going to show you the 14 best ways you can get paid to be a virtual friend. If so, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know. You just learned 14 best ways you can get paid to be a virtual friend. After downloading the Fibler app, your next step is to complete your profile by answering questions about your areas of expertise. On the other hand, their Adult Phone Operative vacancies can only be filled by individuals who have previous experience and have an up-beat personality. These are six sex habits women hate. She wrote: “I don’t sit around all day waiting for a call, text, or video call to show off my tits for $20 [£14.32]. Is It Safe To Become An Online Virtual Friend? There are no obligations to be friends with anyone. Even though this website isn’t considered to be an all-out adult dating website, most of its services lean towards adult content and you need to be at least 18 or over to apply. Simply let the app send you text messages and get paid, that’s it. McMoney App is a platform that people can join for free to earn money by sending text messages. Or, is there a method you think should be included? That being said, your application process will include a typing test, and will prompt you to submit a government-issued or official Photo ID/Driver’s License to confirm your identity and age. One woman, who described herself as a “sex worker”, laid in to Haley’s enterprise. FriendPC #4. This woman couldn’t decide whether to take her husband back after he cheated. RentALocalFriend; Pros; Cons #2. Lip Service - Link Lip Service. For video chats, you can charge from $2 to $8.99 per minute. But she acknowledged a darker element to her job, saying: “I find my clients by advertising on social media accounts that are separate from my personal ones. Simply fulfil your bookings, go to your revenue, and withdrawal what you earned from it. Those who are interested will receive texts directly on the app that will usually relate to coupons, offers or market research questions.

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