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If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. ProTip! Yes, it’s nice to have them in a streak one by one, but don’t do yourself a disservice by measuring your efforts to … As the challenge expects, I have forked the repo to track my progress in a log and I have migrated the existing projects to github for easier version control. Just a small sampling of the projects you’ll work on include: The further you get during the 100 days, the better. My journey will be from January 8th to April 17th. My Resources View More. If the project I did is suitable for beginners, I will write a post. I’ve decided to make this a public commitment. GitHub is where people build software. NOTE: For the most updated information on the challenge visit: The 100DaysOfCode Official Website. Day 53: September 15, Saturday. The challenge follows one simple rule: Code for at least an hour each day for 100 consecutive days. In Posts. 100-days-of-code. To track your progress, fork this repo: https://github.com/Kallaway/100-days-of-code. From today on, for the next 100 days, tweet your progress every day using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag. Contribute to jgers32/100_days_of_code development by creating an account on GitHub. Day 78 - I improved the algorithm to simulate a ribosome by inserting an activator for processing. And I … Skills Acquired View More. That makes about 1 repository in 3–4 days. Day 5: Did questions on Maths related to data structures(Array), Day 10: Participated in coding contest of Coding Ninjas, Day 13: Did questions on Bit manipulation, Day 15: Started with basics of Linked List. I finished another round of 100DaysOfCode! It was New Year’s Day. 000 - One Hundred Days of Code 001 - One Hundred Days of Code. It was a never-ending rabbit hole. And yes, hiring managers and recruiters do look at these. 100 Days of . If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Resources used: Day 64 - I read “Guys, REST APIs are not Databases”, “API to Database? If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Day 1: Revised some of the basics of Data structures and algorithms:-, Day 3: Did questions on sorting techniques of arrays and linked List. Type g p on any issue or pull request to go back to the pull request listing page. Check out other resources (Optional, but highly recommended) Fork this Github repo and commit to the Log daily. ABOUT. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. If you want to read about what I did last week, see here: “Week 09 - 100 Days of Code” . No description, website, or topics provided. kwhitejr / 100 Days of Code - 1.3.2017.md. 100 Days of Code. I'm also hoping to do more with Machine Learning (ML) and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) during these 100 days. Project: Google Udacity Nanodegree (Mobile Web Specialist) Progress: Continued the Restaurant Reviews App - Stage 3 project. I will only count the days where I spend at least some of my time building projects — not the days where I spend all my coding time working through lessons and tutorials. Attribution . Star 0 Fork 0; Code Revisions 14. This is the place where you can get all knowledge about the flutter in 100 Days. It only takes a minute to install 100 Days of Code for VS Code. Skip to content. More than 50 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects. You’ll have a good reason to stop procrastinating and start coding every day. The tweeting is a way of making yourself accountable so if you don’t do it…everyone will know! Why I’m Doing It Welcome to my 100 days of code journey! Stats of My 100 Days on GitHub. 14 Jan, 2017. Work fast with our official CLI. Welcome to 100 Days of Javascript! I usually ended up with 20 or more tabs open in my browser and rarely got through half of the blog posts before adding more to the list. Week 13 - 100 Days of Code. I Just signed up for 100 Days of Codeing. The 100 Days of Code Challenge is a commitment to code for at least an hour everyday for 100 days and you have to tweet your progress everyday as well. You make the 100 day commitment and start coding and logging in everyday to notify your fellow goal seekers of your progress. Steps to increase the likelihood of success. I have learned a lot and applied my knowledge. Haha. Check out my countdown timer: https://gloriousmediumpaintprogram.jgersey32.repl.co. I keep adding new repositories and keep working on different projects at different times. autogenerating srcset + preview images for vue app. About This Site; Posts; Day 9: Configuring ShareX Published: Friday, 15 May 2020 By Simulatine. Week 03 - 100 Days of Code. That’s why we have 33 deeply practical projects. This is my tenth week doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Wondering how much time I have left? They requier Twittering everyday but I’m not a Tweeter so I will either BLog here on Github or break down and get a twitter account . The 100 Days of Code extension creates personalized tweets that you can tweet right from VS Code. using netlifycms to provide content for a nuxt/vue app. 100 Days of Code is a VS Code extension that helps you reach your goals and complete the #100DaysOfCode Challenge.. Restaurant App - Stg 3 Offline Reviews Day 100: October 2, 2018 - Tuesday. Work fast with our official CLI. I was going through my daily ritual of perusing Twitter to find interesting blog posts about programming and software architecture. Today’s Progress: I’ve gone through 3 … The 100 Days Of Code Challenge. This is my thirteenth week doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge. Q: I’ve already started the challenge, and I’m currently on Day 8 [*for example]. If you want to read about what I did last week, see here: “Week 12 - 100 Days of Code” . Ayush Sinha @AyushSi45863738_twitter ... but not able to push my repo on Github. 25 Jul 2017 (Responsive) Image Processing using Webpack & gulp. It was a week that I directed my studies to the needs of my job. Day 001 - SafeArea - Click Here to Code Day 002 - Expanded - Click Here to Code Day 003 - Wrap - Click Here to Code Day 004 - AnimatedContainer - Click Here to Code

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