The Vision

VOLUNTEER leaders are given the opportunity to firsthand see god at work. they get to play an active role in god bringing a young person literally from death to life.


If that is not motivation enough, Young Life volunteer leaders have the blessing of working on a team of fun, energetic, like-minded individuals, which naturally leads to countless fellowship and friendship opportunities.  Volunteering with Young Life also provides you the training and skills that will pay dividends for the rest of your life both professionally and socially.  Young Life certainly does cost a portion of your time, energy, prayer and life, but what it gives in return is so much more!

What to expect as a Young Life leader…

– To be equipped, trained, and developed by the Area Staff
– To be a part of a community that loves kids and loves Christ
– To be loved and cared for by staff and the committee
– To be blessed as you pour your life into kids
– To grow in your relationship with Jesus